Custom API Integration

Custom API Integration and Custom Web Services Development

AT Integrated can help your business by implementing an API of a third-party program into your program or by developing a custom API or Web service that can be used by third-party programs to communicate and exchange digital information with your program.


Custom API development is usually used in business-to-business applications where one program can use the services of another specializing in a particular field.

APIs are based on different methodology but most commonly, SOAP, XML, and Web Services are used for exchange of data on the Internet.

AT Integrated builds secure API and Web service programs that require authentication to ensure safe transfer. One of the challenges when developing custom APIs and Web services is performance. To address performance issues, AT Integrated engineers have developed an arsenal of multithreading and call back modules that monitor and speed up the actual data exchange between the different APIs.

A common approach in API development is using the SOAP method through which the APIs or Web services become platform independent. By using the same protocol, the data can be processed in different programming languages.

AT Integrated will make an assessment and provide a good analysis of the technicalities of the objective and help estimate cost and deadline to meet client expectations.

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