Ecommerce Software

Recurring Billing Shopping Cart with Subscriptions and Memberships

The ATI SmallBiz Ecommerce platform is a high performance, robust business and ecommerce engine that can be the driving mechanism of a large variety of business applications, from shopping cart with recurring billing to content serving programs and membership management systems.

Its design is based on years of experience, constantly changing requirements of the online shopping market, special ecommerce know-how, and scalable architecture. Having been in use for eight years, the ATI Small-Biz Ecommerce platform has been extensively tested and has a proven success record. It has everything an organization needs to run a successful business online.

From Shopping Cart to Recurring Billing and inventory management to subscriptions payments and member billing it performs flawlessly and is very easy to operate.

A Robust, Fully Integrated, Self-sustained Ecommerce Business system.

Ecommerce System

Initially designed and implemented for enterprise level of operations it has been streamlined to accommodate the medium and small business ecommerce needs.

Multipurpose Ecommerce Software with Shopping Cart and Recurring Subscriptions Billing

The ATISmallBiz Ecommerce platform is suitable for many different business models. With its flexibility, it can meet complicated business requirements.

  • online entrepreneurs
  • internet marketers
  • manufacturers
  • non-profit organizations
  • content serving systems
  • ticketing systems
  • advertisers
  • retailers
  • Sports Facilities
  • Recurring Billing Systems
  • delivery systems
  • subscription systems
  • wholesalers
  • Membership Management
  • Fulfillment Houses

Easilly Customizable Shopping Cart and Ecommerce Software

The ATI SmallBiz Ecommerce platform responds to objective changes very well. Because each business model is different, the ecommerce software is designed to be easily customized. Most businesses change their sales strategies to comply with market trends. The ATI SmallBiz Ecommerce platform will change with your business model. Its unique ecommerce architecture allows for modifications and still keeps on track with the main business direction. The ecommerce software comes with a long list of features out of the box. It can be used for numerous sales scenarios on shopping cart front-ends or member back-ends.

Extensive Integration with Ecommerce related Services

Ecommerce System Integration

The ATI Ecommerce software platform is designed for robust integration. It is preconfigured to integrate with multiple online payment gateways, such as Authorize.Net, PayPal, UPS WorldShip software, USPS, FedEx, Quick Books APIs, Call Center Platforms and fulfillment houses platforms. The online store and CRM back-ends can be accessed by implementing powerful API calls. The Online Store Ecommerce Software can be easily integrated with any public interface of an external system that has integration support.

Ecommerce System Components

PCI Compliant Web Hosting

Clients that elect to host their program in our datacenter enjoy the security of a PCI compliant high performance environment. Multiple connections and connection redundancy, high burst-ability, iron security, powerful hardware and 24/7 monitoring are a must in the modern age online business. Our hosting setup offers all that to our ecommerce and shopping cart with recurring billing clients.

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