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Paypal API integration

Monday, May 05 2008 12:40 AM

I had to implement PayPal API payment to a billing module. It was not hard to develop but extremely difficult to navigate to the proper references on paypal website. Very cumbersome architecture of the process too. I would not recommend it unless you really need it. Waste of time and does not work as well as payment gateway implementations. Finding documentation takes longer than actually implementing it. If anyone has a pre-developed code to save sometime please post

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Re:Paypal API integration

Tuesday, January 31 2012 09:59 PM

This post was from 2008 - 4 years ago. I felt compelled to post an answer. Paypal API has come a long way and AT Integrated is now a PayPal API integration partner. We have an extensive experience with integration and usage of PayPal APIs - from paypal button to automated recurring billing of membership payments, auto renewals, recurring shipments and simple sales.
Along with that we provide interfaces for easy refunds and inventory management all tied up to the PayPal payments integration. If you have a question please post or read more here http://www.atintegrated.com/webdevelopment/api-integration-paypal.aspx

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Online Marketer
Re:Paypal API integration

Tuesday, February 16 2016 01:29 AM

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Re:Paypal API integration

Sunday, March 28 2021 09:13 AM

Download a wrapper for the PayPal SDK that can do Direct Payment. The wrapper is the log4net.dll and paypal_base.dll libraries, as well as the SiteMechanics.PayPalDirect.dll wrapper itself. It contains interfaces, IMerchantProfile and IBuyerProfile, as well as their default heirs. These interfaces are used in the PayPalHelper class, which actually makes payments through PayPal. Thus, in order to use the wrapper, you need to inherit two interfaces, fill in all the fields from the heirs, and pass the heirs objects to the DoDirectPayment method. The returned object contains the Ack field, if it is Success, then the payment was successful, if not, then the Errors field contains all the errors that occurred. If you don't want to inherit the interfaces, you can use the ready-made heirs Merchant Profile and Buyer Profile. See below for a sample code:
MerchantProfile merchant = new MerchantProfile(
BuyerProfile buyer = new BuyerProfile(
"1 Main St","", "San Jose","CA","95131",
"Visa", "4197058882575379","926",
PayPalResponse PayPalResponse = PayPalHelper.DoDirectPayment("13.45", merchant, buyer);

Or you can ask for technical support

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