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Online sales

Friday, February 06 2015 02:36 PM

I am engaged in online marketing and I run my business through eCommerce website. How can I boost my online sales?


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Navrang Prayag
web designer
Online sales

Tuesday, June 02 2015 02:40 AM

It's very essential to boost up your website but it's not an easy process also it's not a day process it's takes time. For my end I would like to suggest though you can boost up your website. Here is what I would like to suggest you i.e. Do posting in quora and use all the features whatever available in quora.

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web developer
Re:Online sales

Wednesday, October 07 2015 08:55 AM

Let me give you some tips)

1) Create one e-commerce goal
Choose one main goal to focus on, such as improving your conversion rate or increasing traffic.

2) Pay for the right things
While many resources and tools are available for free (WordPress, plug-ins), there are definitely some things you shouldn?t skimp on. Be prepared to pay for graphic design, a project manager who knows how to drive things forward, and a website design company that understands your goal, can work within your budget, and has a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget.

3) Faster is Better
Have you tried your site from a smartphone lately? If you have time to sip your latte while waiting for it to load, it?s too slow. Have your web team look at the platform they are using and see how they can improve the speed.

4) Optimize like Crazy
Plan for mobile shoppers ? your site needs to be able to re-size based on the device of the visitor. Add more visual content for people viewing on the go. Make sure all buttons and calls to action are ?tap-friendly.?

5) Sales Funnel
If you are selling, make sure you are taking visitors down a sales funnel. In other words, guide them to the parts of the site where they can purchase where they won?t get distracted by lots of shiny objects on the site that don?t lead to getting out their credit card.

6) Offer Free Shipping
Research shows this is the number one thing that convinces visitors to buy. Think about Amazon and Zappos. It works. Do the numbers to see how you can make it fit with your business model.

7) Focus on SEO
Invest in more content and the right content. Video ranks higher than text in search engines and it has more a long-term effect on SEO.

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Maddy Bowen
IT Machine
Re:Online sales

Thursday, April 07 2016 07:47 AM

You must do PPC campaign for your product. That requires the basic thing like keyword research, content development, landing page and majorly what kind of budget you would like to generate out of it. This all must need a consult to an individual experts to make it complete for you.


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