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Is good e-commerce SEO enough to generate leads and convert them to sales?

12/26/2016 Back

SEO is “a must” not only for ecommerce websites, but for any internet marketing strategy. It has become the standard in web marketing for product retail, services, and memberships with recurring billing offerings. But is this all you need to generate leads, reach prospective customers and convert the leads to online sales? Is getting ranked well by the search engines and being on the top of the organic search results really free and effective?
These questions have multiple answers and it is important to find yours.

  1. Should you make sure that you have great ecommerce SEO or general SEO and that your website is ranked high by the search engines?
    - Absolutely Yes.
    Being found online is the whole point of the web presence, when looking for exposure to new customers and improving relationships with existing customers. Although there are about 30 trillion pages indexed by google as of now, it is important that your website shows on the first page of the search results. It simply has become the standard and everyone looks up for whatever they are looking for on the internet now.
  2. Will being on the first page on the google organic search results generate leads and sales?
    - Not necessarily.
    Unfortunately in most cases this does not guarantee customer engagement, generating a lead or a purchase. Getting the customer attention is a different thing. However, if high ranking on the organic search does not guarantee that you will sale a product online, not being there is a guarantee that you will not sale anything.
    In other words a good organic search positioning is one of the components of strong web marketing, especially in ecommerce websites and membership websites or websites, selling subscriptions. There are several other factors to consider when building a strong online marketing campaign. Although good SEO may not be sufficient to produce sales alone, it is an important and necessary factor to any marketing effort. Of course if you sell a well-known product that is in high demand, and you offer a good price, you may be able to sell it with SEO only, but this means high demand with no competition. Such cases are quite rare and this scenario does not apply to the vast majority of online businesses.
  3. Is being listed on the organic search results really free?
    - No.
    Being listed well on the organic search strongly depends on multiple factors related to content. You must have enough and good content that is optimized for SEO. Even developing a baseline (the minimum) SEO requires a significant effort. Writing and optimizing for SEO is not a rocket science. Google openly posts the requirements for good indexing. However producing good content requires skills and expertise that is acquired with time and practice. This skill set also needs to be adaptable to the constantly changing requirements that the search engine indexing algorithms pose, and to the specific requirements of your industry and your business model. Just throwing a bunch of keywords in the descriptions of the products, services or memberships that you sell online is not only insufficient, but may backfire if classified as spam. You should write to make the human visitors and electronic spiders happy at the same time. In short someone needs to sit down and prepare these assets. Whether you do it and pay yourself or hire an expert to do it for you, you will incur cost. That is why getting listed on the organic search results is not free.
  4. Is getting ranked high on the organic search results list easy?
    - Yes it is easy.
    Actually this is not hard if you follow the rules. In fact if you just research your competition you will see patterns of how the web content is developed and optimized for SEO and ecommerce. Yes it will take time and developing skills, but as a process it is not really hard. You need to write the content for the online visitors and then optimize the content to make the search engines happy. There are no secrets and this is not a rocket science. Of course we are referring to web content of ecommerce websites and business websites that is oriented towards marketing a product. Research the fundamental rules for ecommerce SEO, be honest and put yourself in the shoes of your customers. This is enough to help you write good SEO optimized content and contribute to a great ecommerce web marketing campaign.


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very interesting article, thank you

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