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What Is A CMS? Adaptability & Function For Your Website

12/4/2015 Back

Back in “the day”, programmers had to write lines and lines and lines of coding for websites. It was long hours and a lot of work. One small coding mistake could mess up the entire look of the site that was being worked on. That’s when the idea of Content Management Systems came to light. A Content Management System, or “CMS”, can help those who don’t know how to write code in the backend of a website. A CMS is a multi-faceted tool that can have many different functions as well as ease of use. They can be used to develop content, change the look of the front end of a website, and can even be used keep track of memberships or subscription services. Content Management Systems can make it easy for someone who may not possess coding knowledge to update their website front end on a regular basis on their own.

Per Business Dictionary, a Content Management System is defined as "A software application used to upload, edit, and manage content displayed on a website. A content management system can perform a variety of different tasks for a website including regulating when content is displayed, how many times the content is shown to a specific user, and managing how the content connects or interacts with other elements of the website. This software also enables less technical individuals to manage content on a website easily without having an extensive coding background.”

A CMS gives users a chance to design their own website. A user can upload images, text, create menus, and so much more. It gives a used the ability to have more control over how their website is developed or controlled without the knowledge of how to write code. Content Management Systems are used by all sizes of companies and the amount of companies that use them is steadily growing. When a CMS is used, it gives a company the ability to make small adjustments at the drop of a dime without the need to contact their developer. No coding knowledge is required to install features like widgets or social buttons.

Many small businesses that may not be able to afford a full time development team take advantage of Content Management Systems. It gives them the ability to remain competitive without the need to invest a large amount of money. Information can be updated in real-time and organic search engine optimization is at their fingertips. A CMS can help a business with publishing a blog, thus staying fresh & updated without investing too much in SEO services. CMS can help startups by making their ideas come full circle with the cutting edge technology they can provide. Ridiculously over budgeted advertising is no longer required to promote the next big game or service because a company can self-promote.

As technology makes more advancements at quicker rates, a good Content Management System allows any business owner to quickly adapt their front end website, blog, shopping cart, and anything in between. A good CMS is adaptable to a business’ needs and many come with different levels and different functions. A good CMS also comes with a good support system that can respond quickly to your needs, should you have an emergency or need a customization feature added to your backend. Selecting one that fits your website and business needs is imperative to the look and ease of use to create your website and online presence.


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