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Social Engagement And The Evolution Of Ecommerce

10/20/2015 Back

In recent years, the Marketing & Ecommerce Software landscape has changed dramatically. Mobile content & social engagement is at an all-time high. Every day, more & more sales can be attributed to social media and mobile platforms. Ecommerce is no longer an optional feature for any retailers and there are huge benefits. It is actually becoming a necessity in today’s market in order to stay up to date in the always evolving word of mobile & social engagement.

Social media is quickly becoming an asset to ecommerce and getting consumers to check out with a full shopping cart. Not only is it necessary, but it has made it easier and more cost effective. You can use mobile billboards on sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can gain customers by releasing targeted ads that can zero in on the social engagements and pick out their interests. Many social media sites have a button specifically aimed at ecommerce that you can implement on your Facebook or Twitter pages. In reverse of that concept, you can put a link directly to your social sites from your ecommerce or marketing website.

According to a report from Business2Community, 63% of millennials stay updated on brands via social media. What does this say for the world of Ecommerce & social engagement? It shows that it is vital to engage your customers via mobile or social interaction. A business needs to make sure that it has a known presence on both platforms, otherwise, not only will that business get left in the dust, but also left in the past. With the way technology is trending and customers spending more based on social engagement alone, this could happen quickly to a business that is not willing to jump on the bandwagon.

Constant engagement is a must for ecommerce businesses. According to a study from Moxie Software, consumers shopping online were more likely to spend money & less likely to abandon their online shopping carts if businesses took the initiative to actively engage with them. This includes pop ups when leaving the website, swift replies on Facebook or twitter, opening chat windows if a customer is sitting on a specific webpage for any given amount of time, and emailing a customer if they have left a website with items in the shopping cart.

One of the top ways to interact with customers & amp up social engagement is to have a strong content strategy. This can be anything along the lines of infographics, blogs, Facebook posts, twitter posts, and Instagram photos. These social engagements need to go beyond simple ecommerce strategies like product descriptions and sales ads. Share-worthy content is one of the main driving factors in social strategies. Consumers like to see fresh, bold content that is also informative. It is also one of the major factors that catches Google’s eye.

When you are creating content, be sure to aim for the social channels that are most important to your business. If you sell baseball bats, you are not going to write a blog post or create an infographic for how to crochet an afghan. Every business should have an understanding of their targeted consumer or audience. If you sell something visual, like flowers or art, then Instagram & Pinterest will be a great outlet for your marketing. If you create websites or deal with media, Facebook & Twitter would be the best approached. Most of these sites also have a way to track their own analytics for a business account. This ability can be very useful to see where the bulk of your customer base is seeing your social engagement efforts. For content to be socially engaging, it should light a spark in the consumer’s mind that makes them want to share your blog, photo, product, or anything else with their own friends or readers.   

Gone is the day of paper advertisements & shopping cart abandonment is not just a physical store front issue anymore. More & more social media sites are making the move towards supporting Ecommerce. Social engagement is quickly leveling the playing field & will start to become much more important. The time to embrace the benefits is upon us.

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