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How To Maximize Your Internet Sales - The Basics.

11/18/2009 Back

There are many internet marketing strategies and each of them with different flavors and trends. Internet marketers are trying very hard to come up with new ideas getting closer and closer to false advertising and misleading practices.
The truth is that the basics work best -as in anything else. In fact the regular methods are simple and easy to implement. 
What would grab the attention of a consumer is the way your product is presented. Consumer has three basic motivational factors to buy. They are value, price and availability (convenience). A good shopping cart is always a plus and recurring billing features help create a perpetual income stream

  1. Is your product/service providing enough value for the price?
  2. Is your product of a good quality compared to competitive products for the same price?
  3. Can the customer conveniently have it now?

Yes it is that simple. Follow these basic steps and you will easily increase your online sales.

  1. Present your product well. Select packaging or advertising that shows the value that it brings to the consumer. Explain well how the consumer will benefit from your product. It could be a nice appeal to the way it looks or something that makes it different. Most importantly relay the message that this product/service will do what it is supposed to do and even more.
  2. Offer a coupon that allows the user to pay less than the list price.
  3. Offer seasonal discounts.
  4. Provide additional value - buy one get something else at a special price or create product packages at discounted price.
  5. Up-sell - present more related products upon purchase.
  6. Make sure your product has an edge that makes it different from the competition. You need to give the consumer a reason to buy from you and not from the competitor. Offer a good refund policy.
  7. Make it available and convenient to get.  Offer expedited shipping option. Offer installments payment option. Offer postponed payment option.
  8. Provide follow-up - set up mail responders.
  9. Communicate with your customers. Send them emails with interesting content.
  10. Build mailing lists - offer free stuff in exchange for email address.

And here is a list of a few don’ts:


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