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Branding How To Make Sure You Are Standing Out In A Crowd

9/22/2015 Back

We've discussed the effects of color and how it can influence decisions. Now, we are going to dive into branding and what it means to develop a brand.

A “Brand” is a set of perceptions that consumers may have about your company. Branding is your first step in what you want your customer to be looking for when they turn to your company. It gives them an idea of who you are and what you represent. Your customers need to be able to see your company in the right lighting. It’s like turning on the microphone to deliver a message. They see you and you are memorable enough to be recognized in a crowd.
Reasons for Branding:

How do you start developing your Brand? Be clear and consistent about your company’s characteristics. This will define your business. Everything you add needs to be guided by the preferences of your target customer. Make sure you develop a vision, values, and a personality. From that, you can build trust, loyalty, and memorability.

How do you make your company recognizable to the everyday customer? Target the visual memory to get them to associate your company with the following elements:

A "Brand" is your connection to your customers. They are aware of the connection, whether it begins with a logo or the customer service you can offer. Not every customer gets excited about the same thing. A dog person is not going to get excited about cat toys and vice versa.

You need to know your customers and your customers need to know that you are speaking to them. 

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